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Your Saturday night sidekick.

ITV is the UK's largest commercial TV network; broadcasting some of the world's best loved and memorable programming to audiences of millions.

As viewers become even more digitally savvy in a social age, the brand have the opportunity to harness second-screen technology and enhance their output during and post live TX. That's where ITV Buddy comes in…


The concept is relatively simple; a companion app which could be customised for each show proposition and opened immediately following 1st screen calls-to-action. If a viewer is interested in The X Factor, their experience inside the ITV Buddy feels brand immersive. They might play along at home, check out a backstage gallery, join conversation inside a TV Room or vote live.

Then came the exciting task of customising the app for some of ITV's principal programming; namely Britain's Got Talent and The X Factor. The results would enable these brands to fully immerse viewers in a world of content around their live shows which in turn increases frequency of visit into the app and overall session length.

1st screen advertisers could also relay their message in the Buddy - a win-win situation.



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