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Shazam Product

Shazam Product

Crafting user experience for 300+ million global active users.

Shazam is one of the biggest apps of all time, installed on over 500+ million devices worldwide, boasting a record 20+ million songs recognised every day and exponential user growth.

Since joining the brand in 2014, our array of products and platforms have undergone complete visual, feature & experience transformations, all led in-house.

We have a small yet incredible team of Product Designers in the UK and US who work tirelessly under our leadership & direction (myself and previously Marc Davies) to carefully craft and refine every element of interface composition and user experience. They are Jeff King, Elisabet Pujol, Tom AllisonOlga Schevchenko, Jonathan Ruiz & Stephanie Horvilleur (previously Alex Steven).

I also oversee every aspect of product marketing, partner integration & feature promotion, often working with industry giants like Apple, Google & Microsoft.

Shazam remain notoriously on the cutting edge of technology and product announcements; regularly launching as brand partners with Apple on products like Watch and preparing for interfaces like Carplay. is also one of our most popular destinations, now becoming a product entity in its own right, hosting everything from music news to charts, automated playlists, quizzes and more. From a traditional perspective, we continue to promote services like corporate information and careers in our own unique, welcoming tone-of-voice and design style.

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Shazam for Brands

Shazam for Brands